Buy To Let Mortgages

We provide an efficient & consistent service in a sector that has undergone constant change in recent years…

The Buy-To-Let Sector

The buy-to-let sector, as a whole, has seen huge changes in regulations, lending criteria & the way portfolios can be handled. This means that a large percentage of previous applicants that would have been accepted and felt the process was pretty straight forward , are now finding it much harder to be successful through mainstream lenders. This means they fall into the specialist arena, an arena that we thrive in.

We Can Find Your Solution

In a market-place that is constantly changing, we consider ourselves a consistent and calming influence to our clients. Clients that dont meet the criteria of mainstream lenders can come to us and we’re confident we can find a solution on 90% of cases.

For example, clients looking for leniency in rental calculations or clients with an adverse credit history would find it hard to be successful through mainstream lenders. However, we have lenders and solutions in place that would enable someone with circumstances like this (or similar) to be successful in their Buy-to-let mortgage application.

It’s this approach to the market that sets us apart from our competition. We offer a customer experience that is equal to (if not, better) the mainstream lenders with the troubleshooting skills that mainstream lenders lack.

Types of mortgage covered in this division:

BTL re-mortgages, with or without capital raising



Typical Client Scenarios:

Adverse Credit History

High loan to value mortgages

Portfolio Landlords (3+ properties)

Mortgages in personal name, limited company/LLP (SPV & trading companies). – Flexible rental calculations.

Personal income/asset top-ups for rental coverage.

High value properties.

Large portfolios.

Houses of multiple occupancy and student lets.

Multi-units (i.e. four flats on one freehold title).

Short term lets (Airbnb and similar).

Holiday lets

Unusual property types.

Listed buildings.

Flats above commercial premises.

Refurb to let products.

Day one re-mortgages.

No minimum income/self-funding BTLs.

Ex-pats and foreign buyers.

First-time buyers and first-time landlords.

Criteria Overview


Lending in England, Scotland and Wales.

Fixed and variable rates.

Interest-only options.

Market-leading rates

Products with no fees, no ERCs and cash-back deals.


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